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Father and Fellowship.

June 19, 2011

I have been living in the US for almost 10 years now. Been away from my Father, aside from our india trips, for that long. It is a long time to be away from my Father, even if I have my independent family.
My mind went to the cross. How long was Jesus away from his Father? Almost 33 years.

Fellowship is an important thing – especially between the Heavenly Father and his Son, Jesus. They were together even before the foundations of our world were conceived. They had a relationship that was not bound by time. It was eternal. And they talked and mingled with each other. They loved each other.

And that fellowship was broken, on purpose, when Jesus chose to leave his heavenly abode and come down to earth. Now, I’m not going to write a “gospel” message here. I’m only going to focus on what Jesus gave up, when he chose to come down. He gave up the time with his Father. He let go of that presence of his Father around him. For him, that was a big sacrifice. He was never alone in heaven. Why do I think that? because of what Jesus told his disciples. He said that his Father is one with him. Yet, he forsook his Son, while he hung up on the cross. For those moments while on the cross, he not only was living in physical absence, but he was disowned by his Father. Jesus was disowned by his Heavenly Father.

That was the moment Jesus wished did not come. That is why he prayed, “let this cup pass, yet not my will but yours be done” – there is so much pain in that prayer of being disowned by the Father because of what he will become, when he will stay hung up on the cross, that Jesus was pleading through the night with the Father to let the cup pass. The Father did not respond. And Jesus submitted to the Father’s will. They both submitted to the promise they had made to each other – that the Son will willingly suffer through the moments of having no fellowship with the Father and even being disowned by the Father. Jesus, who knew no sin became sin by taking what belonged to the world, upon himself, and for that the Father had to forsake him. His Son, who had no sin “in” him was heaped with the sin of the world, and all that the Father could see was sin, on the cross. And it was painful for the Father too. Extremely painful. What do you think the Father did after he heard Jesus’s cry on the cross asking him why he was forsaken? I believe the Father wept bitterly.

I miss the fellowship with my earthly Father. I have seen him toil for our family and work harder and harder each day, to make ends meet. Years later,  he gave the burdens of his life to Jesus, and I was thankful to witness his baptism. After that day, our relationship changed. Our communication took whole another meaning. We had a common Savior РJesus Christ. And I wish I was near him more in the years to come.

But, I trust God for his plans for me and our life. Through this separation, the heavenly Father has helped me understand what his heavenly Son went through. My pain is nowhere comparable to that of Jesus. Yet, I can understand Jesus better. I can understand what he gave up, to be my Savior. I long to be with my Father for much longer than what I get to, when I visit him once in two years or so.

The heavenly Father restored their fellowship by bringing Jesus back to life. They are back together – not bound by time anymore! The cross happened only once, and will not happen ever again. And that gives me hope.

I know for sure, that if not in this world, I will have infinite fellowship with my earthly Father, in heaven one day. We will be face to face, alongside the heavenly Father and Son. And we will be worshipping!

Till then, I consider it a blessing whenever I get to see my Father. And I rejoice, for whatever the heavenly Father will give to me in terms of my earthly Father’s company until he lives or I live. Death will separate us for a short while – but there is no fear of death in my heart. Just like Jesus, when he knew that the cross will be painful, but his Father is going to be faithful and will restore his glory – I have trusted the heavenly Father. Jesus said – glorify me, as I have glorified you, Father. Oh what confidence Jesus had in his Father!

So, till you are joined with your earthly Father, in heaven, rejoice for the time you have or have had, and continue to go deeper in knowing the fellowship of the heavenly Father and Son. Through that sweet fellowship flows the Holy Spirit that keeps us in this world. Until we see all of them face to face!

Happy Father’s Day!


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