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Journey Begins

January 4, 2008

Seven years ago, back in 2000 December, when I decided to follow Jesus Christ, the following conversation took place with my Mom. My Dad was not so worried about my decision, but Mom sure was.

Mummy: Why do you have to do this?

Me: Mummy, I have found the truth. I have found what it means to surrender. I have struggled enough and I have been broken. I know God waited until I was broken and had given up.

Mummy: Are you becoming a Christian, then?

Me: No. I am not changing my religion. I am abandoning it. Truth has no religion. One only needs to follow it and spend the entire life becoming one with it. It is called discipleship.

Mummy: I do not understand all this. Can you not just follow, without really changing anything?

Me: Not really. One needs to be alive to listen to what God wants to say. I have been dead until now. But now I am alive. And I have to abandon everything in order to follow Him. Even deny you, if that affects my devotion to Him.

And so started the journey with my Lord. I have failed him at times so far, but He is faithful. I rest in His work that is being perfected in Me. The journey of discipleship continues.

Much has been done and said under the name of Jesus Christ. He did not come to start a new religion. I hope to share my personal beliefs and how I had encountered the person of Jesus, was confronted with his claims, was not willing to accept and how was turned to Him when faced with the ultimate choice: Jesus really meant what He said or else he lied.

I decided to believe the former and so far I can only say that I am being humbled day after day, as I learn more about Him and grow to understand my relationship with Him.

I have no religious affiliation nor call myself a Christian (in a religious sense). Just a follower of Jesus, the Christ.



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